Ordering FAQ

Looking for how to talk about the LYG message or explain what exactly your shirt means? Check out our "Putting the ideas into practice" page, where you can catch up on what LYG is all about.

Why t-shirts?

Our goal is to start conversations about how and why businesses can and should make the world a better place. That means we want folks to actually talk about these issues with their friends, family, coworkers, and community, regardless of whether or not they own a business. There are lots of ways to make people think about a problem, but we want people to do more than just think. Wearing the LYG message, we hope, will bring real conversations to life. From those conversations, we hope ideas will emerge, and from those ideas, change.

Visit our Putting the ideas into practice page for more on how to talk about the LYG message and what your shirt means.

Where do your shirts come from?

We’re based in North Carolina, so our t-shirts are, too. All our shirts are Cotton of the Carolinas from TS Designs, meaning they’re produced within a day’s drive of the farm that grew the cotton. With their 100% cotton fabric and quality stitching, they’re also super durable and soft. They feel good to wear.

What size shirt should I buy?

All LYG shirts are pre-shrunk and unisex. The below measurements may vary by up to one inch.

S 19" 28"
M 21" 30"
L 23" 31"
XL 25" 33"
XXL 27" 34"

What’s your returns policy?

You can read our returns, exchanges, and refunds policy here, but the gist is pretty simple. We offer unlimited returns and exchanges as long as your item is unused and in its original packaging. We’ll even pay for your shipping to get it back to us. Check out the full policy for more details.

What’s the deal with the shirt pictures?

We’re a new company—so new that we don’t quite have professional photos of our shirts yet! The photos of our shirts on our homepage, product pages, and social media are not real images of our products; they’re mockups we created to give you an idea of what the designs look like. We used placeit.net and Getty Images for our stock photos and added our designs. Because of that, the images you see may not be exact representations of the actual shirts.

We’re very sorry that we can’t show you the real thing yet, but we’re working on getting photos taken as soon as we can—and we’ll be sure to let you know when that happens. In the meantime, if you have questions about what the actual shirt looks like, what size you should order, or anything else, please drop us a note.

I have a question about order processing, returns and exchanges, shipping and handling, or another issue with my shirt.

We want to get things right! Shoot us a message, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Where can I find your Terms of Service or privacy policy? Why are those things so hard to read?

You can check out our Terms of Service or privacy policy by clicking on those links. At LYG, we believe businesses should be as transparent as possible about their practices, so we aim to practice what we preach. We want the public to understand why we do what we do. Because we’re a new company, we’re using some pretty standard legal language for these policies, and we know that can sometimes be long, boring, and inaccessible without a law degree. We hope to simplify our Terms of Service in the future so it’s more straightforward. But for now, if you have questions about the legal language, the returns or exchanges policy, or anything else, please shoot us a message.