LYG is a movement for everyone.

We believe we can work together to encourage businesses to behave better—and in doing so, change the world.

Our goals are lofty. But they started small.

Our founders had this idea in 2003, when they started a new company, Principled Technologies (PT). PT was a technology assessment company, but it was also a social experiment. Mark Van Name and Bill Catchings, its founders and the founders of LYG, wanted to try a new business model. They wanted to test the theory that businesses could play by a different set of rules, put their customers and their people first, and still make a profit. Over 14 years later, PT has grown into new industries, turned in profitable year after profitable year, and proved their theories can work.

The idea that businesses should treat their employees better is not a new one. But many people promoting this idea seem to believe that capitalism is a lost cause. We don’t. We think business owners can simultaneously make a lot of money and limit their greed so others in their companies and communities can share in the company’s victories. We believe this because we’ve actually seen it work.

We’re launching LYG now because we think it’s a critical idea, one that really can change the world—and if that’s your goal, why wait? But we also launched it now because on April 24, Mark and Bill arrived at TED, one of the best places in the world for starting conversations. There, they wore their LYG shirts and did exactly what we’re asking you to do: spread the message. For more on how to start those conversations, check out our Practice page.